Industrial Instrumentation Inc. has been providing products, services and onsite expertise, in order to ensure the uninterrupted and efficient operation of production facilities and distribution networks.

Source Inspection & Surveillance

We promptly dispatch qualified personnel to supplier facilities to over see inspections and tests.


Our qualified professionals offer a wide range of reporting in the form of design submissions, drawings, technical specifications, procurement, cost estimations, and feasibility studies.


Certified auditors are available to evaluate a company's formal management systems in accordance with national standards. 


Worldwide sourcing, procurement and buying services are available to our clients wishing to broaden their international purchasing horizons. We provide assistance with the development of approved supplier lists, preparation of RFQ's/RFP's, and compilation of bid evaluations while packaging these activities with traditional services such as supplier assessments, capability/capacity assessments, inspections, expediting etc.

Inspection & Testing

We offer a comprehensive range of construction/project site inspection and testing services. These include welding, nondestructive testing, mechanical, rotating equipment, paint and/or coatings, electrical, instrumentation, HVAC and more. 


On any major procurement, delays in delivery of materials, products or equipment to their final destination can prove to be very expensive. To reduce the potential for such delays, we provide qualified expeditors to actively oversee and when necessary assist suppliers in management of milestones and process through the supply-chain as necessary to improve the required delivery of any items which may be critical to the procurement schedule.